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The Document Gallery contains copies of a variety of different MHGS documents, some of which are about the school as a whole while others are about individual pupils or members of staff.  As I receive new contributions I will add these to the web site.


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12 June 1945
Notice of decision to provide a County Grammar School
29 May 1946
Approval by Minister of Education of creation of a County Secondary Grammar School

16 Sep 1946

Ministry of Education file opens on Moseley Hall County Grammar School

21 July 1948
Programme for 2nd School Exhibition & Presentation of Prizes
Reid Robinson
27 Feb 1950
Recognition of MHGS by Ministry of Education with effect from 16 Sep 1946

Headmaster's Report
Mr W B Simms

Programme for First School Exhibition and Prize Day
Mr W B Simms

Programme for Christmas Service
Mr W B Simms
Programme for Third School Exhibition and Prize Day
Mr W B Simms

Programme for Fourth Prize Day
Mr W B Simms

Headmaster's Report
Mr W B Simms

Speech Day Agenda
Mr W B Simms

Garden Party Plan

Mr W B Simms

Programme for Annual Garden Party
Mr W B Simms

1954 School Inspectors Draft Report

from National Archives

1954 School Inspectors Final Report from National Archives      

1955 Garden Party

1955 Speech Day

1955 Carol Service

1956 School Play

1956 Northern Schools Athletics Championships

1956 School Rules

1956 Sports Day

1956 Garden Party

1956 Speech Day

1956 Carol Service

1957 School Plays


Northern Schools Sports Association Annual Athletics Championship 1957

1957 Sports Day 


1958 11+ Results Notification

(Paul Bygrave)

1958 Admission to Grammar School Agreement

(Paul Bygrave)

1958 Travel Grant Application Form

(Paul Bygrave)

1957 Cheshire County Amateur Athletic Association Annual Championships

1963 School Notes, Societies and Prizes


1964 Sports Day

1965 Annual Gala

(Paul Bygrave)

1969 Prize Giving

1968 Garden Party

1968 Letter to Parents

1969 Letter to Parents

1969 Letter to Parents

1970 Prize Day

1970 Letter to Parents

1970 Letter to Parents


Mr Armishaw Certificate of Outstanding Service from the Army signed by Montgomery

1961 School Rules

MHGS Christmas Card


Form 1M Signatures on Rear
Rick Crosoer

Form 4A Signatures on Rear
John Tyldesley

U15 Rugby Results 1963/7

1966 Prize Giving

1967 Prize Giving

1968 Prize Giving


1969 Prizegiving
Richard Simmons

School Play 1970 Programme signed by the Cast

Richard Simmons/ Chris Pickles


1971 Prize Giving
Richard Simmons

1972 Prize Giving
Richard Simmons

Programme for Annual Prize Giving

John Henry Davies

Original owner of Moseley Hall

Founder of Manchester United Football Club

1911 Census entry

The Beastie - Lord of the Flies
Ian Pollock

"Tales of Terror" stamps

Ian Pollock


School Exercise Book
Steve Taylor



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