Burroughs Computers - Photo Gallery 

Because the Photo Gallery contains some pictures that may take a bit longer to download, it is is divided into four pages:

Burroughs Adding Machines, Cash Registers and Comptometers

Burroughs Calculators

Burroughs Series L/TC

Burroughs B700/B800

Burroughs B80

Burroughs B90 & B900

Burroughs B1700

Burroughs B1800

Burroughs B1900

Burroughs Communications Processors

Burroughs Components

Burroughs Mainframes

Burroughs Redactron range

Burroughs Miscellaneous

Burroughs photo and video archive at University of Minnesota

If you have any photos of these Burroughs office computers that you could email to me, they would be greatly appreciated.

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