"Where are they now?"

People from Burroughs Machines Ltd,  Preston Branch

I worked from the Burroughs Machines office in Blackpool Road, Preston, England, from 1974 to 1981.


I've dug out some old pictures from one of the Centurion sales events in Venice - see if you can see yourself!




Nine of us made it to the 2015 Reunion at The Smoker - click on the picture below to see a larger version.





Once again the Smoker Inn at Plumley, Knutsford, WA16 0TY hosted our annual get-together on 6 June 2014, organised as always by Bill Seddon.

And we had great weather again too!







Some of the old gang from Burroughs Preston got together in December to celebrate being still alive - Ged Thompson, Adrian Grayston, Martin Jervis, Ross Morrell and Chris Pickles

Click on the photo to see what these guys look like today - still having fun together as always!  More meet-ups to come!




Another meeting was held on 7 June at the Smoker Inn, Plumley, near Knutsford, attended by Steve Wilshere, Terry Gomersall, Ian & Rita Pogson, Colin Inge, Alex York, Alan Talbot, Charlie Nash, Chris Pickles, Jim Rigby, Tony Ellis, John Horton, Alf Kiernan, Ross Morrell, Bill Seddon.





From Preston there was Alan Talbot, Charlie Nash, Peter Happer and myself, as well as Bill Seddon and Keith Marsden who were the ones who made it happen.


My colleagues in Preston included:


Alan Talbot - Branch Manager

Norman Beebe - Zone Field Engineering Manager (Banks)

Gordon Briggs - Field Engineer

Ernie Burridge - Field Engineer

Ray Chatburn - Field Engineer

Peter Collett - salesman

Brian Dugdale - Field Engineer

John Fishburn - Branch Manager - got promoted to World Headquarters in Detroit, USA

Sheila Garland - Receptionist

Frank Goldsmith - Zone Service Manager

Pat Gormley - Zone Field Engineering Manager (Commercial)

Adrian Grayston - salesman - now runs his own company Graduate International

Peter Happer - salesman

Peter Hargreaves - salesman - co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown, the financial services firm based in Bristol, UK

Gary Hempstock - Field Engineer

Ray Hill - Field Engineer

John Holt - Field Engineer

John Jenkins - Field Engineer

Peter Jones - salesman, Burroughs Business Forms - now in politics as well

Martin Jervis - salesman - now Group COO at Fundraising Initiatives Group

Kevin Jones - salesman

Dave Kay - salesman - now Europe VP Channels at IBM

Max Kirkham - salesman - now a teacher at Arnold School

Fred Little - Field Engineer

Andy Lowe - Engineer

Charles Marsden - salesman

David Metcalf - Systems Analyst

Tom Moore - salesman

Ross Morrell - salesman - now runs his own company Target Services Ltd

Charlie Nash - Branch Manager

Ron Needham - Field Engineer

Mike Ohajuru - salesman, Burroughs Business Forms - now Director, MATERNA Communications

Graeme Parkin - Workshop Engineer

Eileen Phillips - panel builder

Chris Pickles - salesman - been in Financial Technology marketing ever since then

Elliot Ray - Field Engineer, who retired when I was still there

David Robinson - Field Engineer

Keith Sharp - salesman

Geoffrey Smyth Geoff Smyth - salesman - now Managing Director at Eventus Solutions Group

Richard Stansfield - salesman

Lawrie Taylor - Field Engineer

Ged Thompson  Ged Thompson - salesman - now COO at Westbrook International plc

Ken Tipper - Branch Field Engineering Manager

Alan Waddington - Field Engineer

Dennis Wadsworth - Branch Engineering Manager

Derek Warburton - salesman, Burroughs Business Forms

Bob Warner - Field Engineer

Gordon Whitby - Field Engineer

  Graham Williams - Field Engineer


And here's an old picture of the Preston Field Engineering team that deserves to be up here too.

It was taken at Elliot Ray's retirement party.  Click on the photo below to see the full-size picture.

If you see anyone in the picture whose name is not on the list above, please just send it in - or if that's you in the line-up - 

get in touch!




One of the software houses that we worked with a lot was SAM Systems of Manchester.

Bill Seddon and Keith Marsden, who were two of our main contacts at SAM Systems, now run Gardien Ltd in Bowdon, Cheshire.

Bill Seddon

Keith Marsden


If any of you are out there, why not drop me an email and say "hello!" - or "get that picture off there!"

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